Battery-powered devices have a charging brick, why not an EV? Well, a charging brick is essentially what this wonderful concept portable EV charger is about.

A-Monite Portable EV Charger by ChangJoong LEE

Dreamed up by South Korean designer ChangJoong LEE, the A-monite is a portable electric vehicle charger that would allow EV owners to charge their charge their vehicle without a charging station.

A-monite, so named due to its resembles to the fossil, features built in cables that reel into the unit neatly when not in use.

A-Monite Portable EV Charger by ChangJoong LEE

As long there’s a power outlet, A-monite will let owners charge their vehicle. Now, that’s equivalent of topping up a gas powered vehicle with a fuel-filled Jerry can, ain’t it? The difference is, it will take longer to get it topped.

However, the concept proposed that it has quick charge support. Though no data was provided.

A-monite is designed as a personal charging device or as a public charging device. As a shared charging device, it has RFID to recognize who’s charging.

A-Monite Portable EV Charger by ChangJoong LEE

The charging device itself is equipped with a display that shows the charging status as well as the time remaining to full charge.

A-monite is complete with a telescopic handle, a wheel for wheeling it around and a kickstand to it upright.

A-monite, together with the EP Tender Battery aka power bank for EV, will make electric vehicles become more of a gadget than a transportation device.

You can learn more about this exciting concept design HERE.

A-Monite Portable EV Charger by ChangJoong LEE

Images: Behance (ChangJoong LEE).

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