One of the obvious stumbling block of electric vehicles is range. Unlike its fossil fuel counterpart where pumping fuel takes no more than a few minutes, charging an EV takes an excruciatingly long time. Not exactly ideal, does it?

Enters EP Tender, a Paris-based tech company that thing they may have found a solution to this nagging issue. And EP Tender’s solution? A battery trailer, or Battery Tender as the company calls it.

EP Tender Battery Trailer for Electric Vehicles

Battery Tender is essentially a battery system designed to be towed behind your electric vehicle. Think of it as the power bank equivalent for EV. Does that make sense? I think it should.

Basically, it is a range extender that takes the anxiety out of driving an EV (which only those who have driven or own an EV would understand).

The trailer will provide 60 kWh of juice the EV it is attached too and using it is very much like ride sharing. You book for a trailer available at the nearest trailer compound and pick it up by guiding it to your EV.

The battery trailer will automatically hook up to your EV and you are all set. Obviously, there is modification to your EV before you can utilize EP Tender.

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It is a solution that not only quell the anxiety of EV drivers, but also enable compact EV to go farther. It may not be the most elegant solution (I think FCEV is the way to go, btw), but I think it kind of is the solution for now and for the near future. Take a look at the videos below to learn more about EV Tender.

Images: EP Tender.

Source: Carscoops.

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