Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Camper: Sleek And Surprisingly, Affordable

The Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Camper you see here is a camper trailer that you can own without owning an automobile with insane towing capacity. It is compact – 36 percent smaller than the Classic teardrop model, and weighs in a little over 1,000 lbs (1,025 lbs, or about 462 kilograms, to be precise). If you […]

This Is A Rare Time That We Are Truly Impressed By A Custom Caravan

When it comes to camper trailer, we can’t say we have seen it all, but for the handful we have saw thus far, the Atomic Camper sure left a deep impression in us and now, we can add the Unity Wagon caravan to our list. Created by Steve Areen, this camper trailer is unlike what […]

Airstream Globetrotter Is An American Icon With An European Inside

Airstream and its signature riveted aluminum paneled camper trailers are unmistakably American. The thought of Airstream conjures up images of roller skates, drive-in burger places and kids eager to do some footloose out in the open car park, to the music turned out by small portable FM tuner-equipped cassette player. So, the question now is, […]

Watch A Functional Camper Built From LEGO Bricks Come To Live

With so many campers/camper trailers going around, you hardly find anyone wanting to build one, but that’s not to say nobody does it. In fact, occasionally you will find home-built gem like the Atomic Camper, but have you seen one a functional caravan built entirely out of LEGO bricks? Well, if you haven’t, now you […]

Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

I am excited about a lot of things and usually when I do get excited, I will proceed to write a shit load of good stuff about it, but today, I found myself left speechless by the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Camper Trailer. I am thrilled by a camper trailer. Imagine that. I am not going […]

Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

If the ever iconic, silver hull Airstream camper is a little too big for your need, or simply because your handsome SUV lacks of the torque to lug it along, well, then Airstream’s new Basecamp may be what you need. It is adventure on wheels without the heft and it is totally modern looking, so […]

Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept Has a Trailer that Pops Up to Reveal a Huge Touch Display

With so many entertainment channels offered to us today, I think it will be hard for most people to even consider going on a road trip or hitting the wilderness for a good’ol camping trip. But with the Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept, you might be able to do those while not being away from […]

MONOWALKER Multifunctional Trailer Takes the Load Off Your Shoulder and Makes a Handy Picnic Table Too

a few years ago, we were suitably impressed by the MONOWALKER, a hiking tailer that literally takes the load of your hiking gear off your shoulder and today, the same folks who invented this fun hiking gear is back with a newer and more versatile version that covers backpacking adventure, walking, hiking, shopping, and even […]

Atomic Camper – Pure Awesomeness with None of the Danger

the camper here is aptly refer to as Atomic Camper and it is a result of two things: making the best of bad situation and pure creativity. Atomic Camper is the work of a Alaskan man by the name of Bill Guernsey who has too much time on his hands which he had while on […]

Dub-Box Camper – VW Bus-inspired Tow-behind Camper

we have seen a fair amount of camper trailers here, ranging from the ridiculously high-tech (and expensive) to the super rugged to some retro-licious examples. well, here is another one to add the list and this one goes straight into our must-have if you really need a camper trailer list. dubbed Dub-Box Camper, this made […]