Toyota Racing Development or TRD is a in-house tuner for Toyota and Lexus cars. By that sense, it has nothing do with, say, camping. But then it got this: the Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer.

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer is not quite a camper trailer – it is essentially a Tacoma bed repurposed into a trailer. In any case, I imagine it as a cross between a camper trailer and a camping tent.

Designed to be pulled by a Toyota truck of SUV, the concept trailer features a remote-operated scissor-lift that raises an innovative platform several feet out of the bed to become a place to rest that is shielded from the elements.

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer

It may be no more longer than half a truck, but this thing is packed with amenities, including a Yakima four-person tent with an awning and fly fishing-pole holders, a custom-built toilet (yes, even that!) and trash can, a refrigerator, a hot water heater, fresh and gray water holding tanks, a slide-out sink and stove, and campsite lighting.

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer

Finally, a pair TRD Pro wheels wrapped in knobby tires and a set of rugged suspension ensure it can take on rough terrains.

Unfortunately,, like the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top, it is a concept and does not appear to be something money can buy.

Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer

Image credit: Toyota USA.

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Hat tip: bless this stuff.

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