if you missed this, or this viral video, well, you haven’t been missing much. really. for the uninitiated, it is about the ‘real’ Hoverboard. yes. Hoverboard. the skateboard that does without wheels, or better known as the skateboard that levitates. by now, most of us know HUVr is a fake, so we are not about to dig who’s behind this elaborate fake, but with big names like Christopher Lloyd, the original ‘Doc Brown‘ from the Back to the Future Trilogy, Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk, musician Moby and more backing up this mythical Hoverboard, it is little wonder that there are believers. so do we feel insulted or infuriated by this? of course not. why would we? in fact, we enjoyed the video cos’ they are, well… pretty entertaining actually.

as much as we wish it is true, the geek inside us begs to differ. if such technology does exist, it will be under DARPA’s wing or something secret military project before you could even say ‘i want one’, but kudos to whoever that’s behind this (they said it was Funny or Die who collaborated this, though we are not too keen to find out) for turning out this real life, but still sci-fi product. just imagine the money, time and effort to organize the logistics such as the crane and the crew to pull this off. … wait, did we just said ‘crane’? never mind. you didn’t hear from us. btw, they even have an official website and Facebook page for some added realism. the main video (which you can find along with the other supposed short product intro after the break) has since gone viral (and why am i not surprised?), garnering over two and half million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on March 03, Monday.

so, it is not real, big deal, but we can’t help to ponder the ‘exciting’ (if there’s even any) motive (or motives) behind this hottest talk of the town this week. we are going to go with a marketing campaign for some product or perhaps, a new Tony Hawk video game that involves Hoverboard. what about you? keep going for the pair of videos. sit back and relax, and most importantly, don’t need to think to hard about it. it just a video. besides, the Internet is full of investigative e-Sherlock Holmes and they are the folks that will have the answers soon enough. in the meantime, your fantasy is still pretty much grounded.

via The Verge

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