How Hoverboards Work Not In Back To The Future II

You can thank the the Segway for modern hoverboard scooters. At the time it was groundbreaking technology that allowed people to basically, just stand while moving to another place, like a moving conveyor-belt on wheels. Today, we live in the age of the hoverboard, though our current models have wheels and they don’t really hover. […]

Zapata Racing’s Flyboard Air Made The Farthest Flight By Hoverboard

Former Jet ski racer Frank Zapata’s Zapata Racing has come a long way. Since opening its doors for business with water-powered Flyboard and subsequently, the water-powered hoverboard, it has never stop innovating. The France outfit’s latest creation Flyboard Air, a product of 4 years of gruelling research and development, is a testimony of the firm’s […]

‘Mattel’ Hoverboard Really Hovers But You Can’t Actually Ride It

Hoverboard is a reality now, well, kind of cos’ they are not what as depicted in the sci-fi movie Back to the Future. Most of them can’t work without special surfaces, except for a couple (or one, to be exact) and they certainly can’t go anywhere (again, except for one). So, your only hope for […]

Rocket Scientists Made A Hoverboard That Hovers Without Special Surfaces

You know why with so many great minds, there aren’t any real hoverboards that can actually hovers without the need for special surfaces? Probably that’s because it takes a bunch of rocket scientists to make one and we didn’t make that up cos’ that is exactly what the rocket scientists over at Arca Space Corporation […]

The First Real Hoverboard is Getting an Improved and Streamlined Version

When Hendo Hoverboard was first introduced, the world was rousing with excitement, but its design leaves much to be desired. It was nothing like what Back to the Future II depicted. I hate to benchmark against a fantasy product, but that’s how we like our hoverboards to be, or at least a little more befitting […]

Lexus Hoverboard is Not Only Real, But it Can Hover Over Water too!

Remember the Lexus Hoverboard unveiled in June? Despite the skepticism, the hoverboard turns out to be a real deal. Yes. You heard that right. Back to the Future II kind of hoverboard is a reality, albeit hovering just slightly off the ground. A special skatepark called hoverpark was constructed to facilitate the testing of the […]

Wait, What? Lexus Has Developed a Real Working Hoverboard?

By now, we are all skeptics when it comes to hoverboard. Sure. We have seen a few ‘real-working’ examples like the record setting hoverboard, a magnetic levitation board that won’t work without metal underneath it and even a leaf blower-powered example. As real as they are, these ‘hoverboards’ are not quite the hoverboard we have […]

Homemade Hoverboard Set Guinness World Record for Farthest Journey by Hoverboard

The 2015 as interpreted by Robert Zemeckis consisted of flying cars, floating billboards, 3D hologram advertisement, self-lacing shoes, self-drying one-size-fits all jacket, and of course, the iconic and fantasy-inducing hoverboard. While some of them are making headways, they are not quite a reality yet, well, maybe except for the hoverboard which we have saw a […]

Now, There’s A Hoverboard You Can Own Without Breaking The Bank

Hendo Hoverboard was the hoverboard made real with some pretty cool science behind it, but along with it comes a prohibitive price tag. That, plus the fact there are only eleven made available, makes it even more unattainable. That said, we are going to assume that you didn’t acquire this future of skateboarding, but we […]