If Shane Chen had his way, the notion of a motorized two-wheeled vehicle as a motorcycle would be completely smashed. Why? Because Chen has invented a car that runs on two wheels. However, unlike motorcycles which have wheels along the same line of travel, the wheels of Chen’s newest invention are parallel to each other which kind of makes an oversized Hoverboard that Shane invented years ago.

SHANE Parallel Two-wheeled Electric Car by Shane Chen

SHANE Electric Vehicle Concept

Shane Chen has an illustrious invention list, ranging from the Hoverboard which has been copied the world over, to the Solowheel to the Aquaskipper – just to name a few. But make no mistake. Chen’s latest invention, called SHANE, is not a last-mile transportation or a city shuttle; it is a full-fledged vehicle, a first-of-its-kind parallel two-wheeled electric car concept that embraces the laws of physics.

It will be the first two-wheeled car concept that is practical and efficient for everyday urban and highway use. SHANE offers a new level of stability, maneuverability, and energy efficiency. It achieves perfect balance by automatically adjusting the wheels in response to the car’s movement, enabling high-speed travel safely.

SHANE Parallel Two-wheeled Electric Car by Shane Chen

Key features include stability through a shifting center of gravity, improved maneuverability with two-wheel differential speed control, and energy efficiency with large wheels and in-wheel regenerative shocks for battery recharging.

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For now, SHANE remains a concept but if you are interested in licensing or becoming part of making SHANE a reality, you may learn more at Inventist.com.

SHANE Parallel Two-wheeled Electric Car by Shane Chen

Hovertrax II Electric Transporter

In related news, Shane Chen has introduced a newly patented hoverboard, called Hovertrax II. For the uninitiated, the so-called Hoverboard originally invented by Chen was called Hovertrax.

Unlike the original hoverboard, this new hoverboard ensures increased stability across rougher surfaces beyond streets and sidewalks, plus because it isn’t on two wheels, you can stand on it even when the power is off.

Hovertrax II Electric Transporter

That’s right. Hovertrax II is NOT two-wheeled. In fact, it looks like a tank thanks to the tank thread-like wheels that have three wheels per thread.

Not a lot is known about this hoverboard successor but we do know it measures 40 by 20 centimeters (7.8 by 15.7 inches), weighs 3.6 kilograms (8 lbs), and has a range of 4 miles (6.4 kilometers).

Hovertrax II Electric Transporter

Images: Shane Chen/Inventist.

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