talk about reinventing the wheel, apparently these guys think that single wheel is the future of mobility...
Inventist Solowheel Electric Unicycle 544x311px

(image credit: Inventist) Solowheel | about US$1,500.00 |

Talk about reinventing the wheel, apparently, these guys think that the single wheel is the future of mobility. From the guys who brought to you a host of odd-ball transportation devices comes the Solowheel, a unicycle minus the seat, and built-in gyroscope sensors to take the guesswork out of balancing this transportation device. Powered by a 1000-watt electric motor and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Solowheel is good for two hours of operation on a single forty-five-minute charge.

Control of this 20-pound (about 9 kg) transport is through leaning motion by the rider. The rider simply leans left or right to turn, leans forward to accelerate, or backward to decelerate. There’s no risk of crashes as the rider can just jump off the Solowheel in the event of unfortunate circumstances – just like you would do with a skateboard. It also incorporates a feature much like the regenerative braking system, in which the lithium-ion battery will recapture some energy when going downhill or slowing down. It certainly packs quite a technology punch for such a compact package.

The Solowheel will set you back at about US$1,500, however, we are not sure about its availability.

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