INMOTION V12HT Is A High Torque Unicycle Designed For Off-road Adventures

Self-balancing, electric unicycle is not new. What’s new is one that claims to have off-road capability. That’s right. Unicycle. Off-road. A rather unimaginable combination… until now. Folks, meet the INMOTION V12HT, an off-road electric unicycle.

Cyberwheel: It’s An Electric Unicycle With A Tiny Cybertruck For Its Upper Body

Since the unveiling of the radical Tesla Cybertruck last November, there have been a slew of Cyber, well, transport. There was the UAZ-based “Tesla Cybertruck”, the Cyberphone, the Cybunker, a Cyberbike and an actual Cyberquad – just to name a few.

The Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

apart from flying cars, traveling on a single-wheel contraption is probably the next most dream about transportation, albeit being way less ambitious. while flying cars may take quite a while to fruition, electric single-wheeler is not a dream anymore – if you have that kind of money to throw. and the money we are talking