Since the unveiling of the radical Tesla Cybertruck last November, there have been a slew of Cyber, well, transport. There was the UAZ-based “Tesla Cybertruck”, the Cyberphone, the Cybunker, a Cyberbike and an actual Cyberquad – just to name a few.

A Tesla Electric Wheel The Cyberwheel

And now, we heard there’s a Cyberwheel too. Spotted by YouTuber Jimmy Chang, the Cyberwheel is actually a modded Gotway Monster Gen-1 electric unicycle which is rocking 2,400 wH, 84V.

As you can see, little is left of the original Gotway Monster Gen-1, aesthetically speaking. The electric unicycle now have miniature Cybertruck for its upper body, while the side panels have been given a transparent makeover, allowing a peek inside the electric unicycle’s beautiful innards.

A Tesla Electric Wheel The Cyberwheel

The single-wheel ride is also outfitted with a front and rear dashcam too. The creator of this ride is Wesley, a Tesla employee, who is clearly smitten by the Cybertruck. The Cyberwheel was a result when boredom struck during the COVID-19 shutdown. You can learn more about this sleek electric monowheel in Jimmy Chan’s video below:

Images and source: YouTube (Jimmy Chang) via INSIDEEVs.

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