We discovered talented Chinese maker from the previous post last week when we saw her video of her making a robot suit on Chinese Douyin. Since it is the robot costume that has gotten our attention first, we thought we’d post this awesome creation of hers here too.

Wearable Robot Suit by Xiao Qian Feng

This wearable robot suit was handmade by Xiao Qian Feng for her brother’s birthday. Knowing that her brother is a huge fan of video game, she thought making a robot costume was the fitting birthday present.

The suit was a coming together of a variety of materials, including wire mesh, bendy metal piping, newspaper, corrugated paper pulp, some wood, PVC pipes, and heavy fiberboard. The suit is coated with a latex before finishing off with a nice coat of paint complete with detailing and weathering.

Wearable Robot Suit by Xiao Qian Feng

The suit is accompanied by a big-ass sword with light up edges. Speaking of lighting up, the suit is also accented with some lighting too, which is super cool.

As you can imagine, it was a painstaking process and the materials used resulted in a very heavy costume. Though it is not clear how heavy it actually is. However, we do not that the details that went into it is pretty mind-blowing. We especially love the “hydraulic pistons” that move along with the wearer. Skip ahead for the entire build process.

Wearable Robot Suit by Xiao Qian Feng

Images: YouTube (小芊枫XiaoQianFeng).

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