Anyone who is looking to cosplay as Cyberpunk 2077 may want to take a cue from Chinese maker Xiao Qian Feng. Xiao Qian Feng has perfectly recreated the Arasaka Thermal Katana using good’ol wood craftsmanship, epoxy resin and LED light strip.

Cyberpunk 2077 Glowing Thermal Katana

In the game, the Thermal Katana is a melee weapon with a nano filament heated blade instead of a regular blade. The ripping hot steel is almost like a lightsaber, but only more, well, cyberpunk.

Black walnut is used to create the handle and the back of the sword while epoxy resin with orange dye forms the blade. The blade is embedded with an LED light strip. The effect is… lets just say that it is glowing. For anyone who is cosplaying characters from Cyberpunk 2077, Xiao Qian Feng’s Glowing Thermal Katana could be a real showstopper for the getup.

Images: YouTube (小芊枫XiaoQianFeng).

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