if you love to drink, but can’t quite hold alcohol as well, then Australian beer maker, Foster’s, might have something for you. the new Foster’s Radler Lime & Gingers offers a refreshingly different and lower-strength booze with a dash of fruity-cross-spicy flavor and since it is extremely light, having just 2 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), this new flavor is perfect beverage for times when lighter drinking is preferred or as post activity refreshment that won’t cause embarrassing drunken stupor. the tradition of ‘Radler’, which is a German word for “cyclist”, dates back as far as 1920s when cyclists would drink the mixed beer while stopping rest.

Foster's Radler Lime & Ginger

in fact, Radler-style (aka shandy) cold ones have been sweeping Europe for a while now and is set to shake up UK’s pubs and homes. well… probably. the Foster’s Radler cut with Cloudy Lemon introduced last spring have achieved quite a remarkable sales – topping 17 million bottles – and the brand is hurry to introduce the ginger-touched variant, along with a zero percent ABV version of the original Foster’s Radler targeted at non-alcoholic drinkers. the beverages is available in both 300ml bottles, as well as a new 440ml cans for those who wants a little more of the 2% ABV drink, or maybe the zero percent version while on-the-move. UK residents should be able to find these in and around UK right about now.

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Foster's Radler Lime & Ginger

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