Galactic Pale Ale and Lightspeed Pilsner: The Real Reason Why Stormtroopers Are So Bad At Aiming?

This could be the secret why Stormtroopers are so bad at aiming. These are the Galactic Pale Ale and Lightspeed Pilsner, the original Stormtrooper beer. I am sure the Imperial has barred its pilots from drinking and flying, but they probably didn’t do the same for their space foot soldiers.

Dogfish Head Lo-Cal IPA Set To Be Available In 44 States By End Of August

Chugging down beers in the afternoon is just a strange thing to do, but not when it is summer and for that reason, there is the Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty IPA. For the benefit of the uninitiated, IPA stands for India Pale Ale. It is a hoppy style of beer under the pale ale category […]

PicoBrew Unveiled A Countertop Brew Computer For Brewing Coffee, Tea, Beer And More

Are you a beverage lover who love beer as much as coffee and tea, and prefer to brew them yourself? Well, if so, PicoBrew has just the appliance for you. Called Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance, it is the countertop equivalent of the commercial-grade Z Series Craft Beer System we saw earlier this year.

Believe It Or Not, Someone Actually Brewed A Beer Using A Log As The Yeast

You have heard of beer brewed with practically everything from apple to lychee to Marshmallow. On an even weirder brewery news, there’s even beer that’s brewed to enable it to develop films while remain totally consumable. But have you heard of using log to brew beer? Well, believe it or not, that actually is a […]

Believe It: This Beer Can Also Be Used To Process Kodak Super 8 Films

Usually, if someone ingested solutions of any kind used to process films, it is bad news. Whoever did that will be poisoned for sure. However, that won’t be the case with this particular ‘fluid’. Crafted by independent brewery, Dogfish Head, this new gose beer called SuperEIGHT is not just an alcoholic beverage with 5.3 percent […]

Smartmouth Reminds That Every Beer Drinkers Were Once A Child

This is not the biggest news February, but its novel and weird enough to warrant our attention. We are talking about a new unusual brew from a small beer maker based out of Virginia, U.S.A. called Smartmouth Brewing Company. The brewery has announced a limited edition IPA (India pale ale) brewed with Lucky Charms-inspired marshmallows […]

PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer System Does Cold Brew Coffee Too

From the maker who pretty much pioneered easy home craft beer brewing, PicoBrew, comes a new pro-grade, scalable brewing appliance called PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance. What makes the Z Series stands out is not just its datacenter-inspired scalability; it is the one appliance that also does cold brew coffee (!) and kombucha, and […]

Beck’s Wants To Make Beer Classy With Champagne Glass-shaped Beer Can

When it comes to beer, it is certainly not the go-to alcoholic beverage for classy events like, say, reception of operas, galleries, or black tie event. The impression of beer is that of pubs, bars, man caves, or sporting events. In short, it is never about classiness. If anything, beer conjures up of rowdy crowd […]

You Can Soon Experience What Beer Tastes Like Two Hundred Years Ago

While beer is result of a complex fermentation process, it does not get better with age like spirits and whiskey. So, it is safe to say that consuming beers that have been kept for centuries is potentially deadly, but that won’t be the risk you will be taking with The Wreck Preservation Ale. The product […]

Look, Philippe Starck Design Beer Too And It’s Called Starck Beer With OLT

Philippe Starck, the French design extraordinaire who have lent his touches to countless products across a wide spectrum of disciplines (including hotels for 30 years now!), together with Sebastien Blaquière of Brasserie d’Oit unveiled Starck Beer With OLT. Yes. You heard that right. Philippe Starck can now add beer to his illustrious portfolio. And yes. […]