Log Beer Home Brew Beer by Dailey Crafton

You have heard of beer brewed with practically everything from apple to lychee to Marshmallow. On an even weirder brewery news, there’s even beer that’s brewed to enable it to develop films while remain totally consumable. But have you heard of using log to brew beer? Well, believe it or not, that actually is a thing. The log there is literally a log, btw.

Log Beer Home Brew Beer by Dailey Crafton

The result is literally log beer. A homebrewer from Yonkers, NY, Dailey Crafton, is the pioneer of this rather unorthodox brewing method. Part of the process of creating this ‘log beer’ is to introducing a log covered in a unique mixture of wild yeast and bacteria into the fermenting process. The folks over at Clawhammer Supply had a go in crafting the log beer themselves and had a taste of what it was like to be drinking log. It sure seems tasty. Damn, I am too curious to find out what it taste like.

Anywho, you can see the entire brewing process in the video below. Or if you are so incline, you can check out Dailey’s log beer recipe posted HERE. Meanwhile, Dailey will be using the yeast from the log to start Levenaut Beer Co., a brewery in Yonkers, where it will only make one type of beer, a saison/farmhouse-style beer with, of course, the log yeast. The man will also start a brew pub over at Brooklyn called 18th ward. So check out those two watering holes if you are interested in having a go with log beer. Aforementioned video available after the break.

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Images: Clawhammer Supply.

A huge shout out to Clawhammer Supply for sending this hat tip our way!