Bell & Ross are a luxury watchmaker with a mightily impressive back catalogue of timepieces and what they lack in heritage (having only been founded as recently as 1992) they more than make up for with their exemplary collection of luxury watches and it is their aviation and diving watches for which they are possibly most famed.

We’ll be focusing on their diving watches here in the form of this jaw-droppingly awesome Bell & Ross BR02 Steel Diving watch which, as you can see, is a rather impressive piece of apparatus that will be the perfect choice for any serious divers out there.

Costing around $3,500, it’s obviously not an inexpensive watch but, with diving, it’s so important to make sure you have all the right equipment and there are few pieces more imperative to a diver than that of their timepiece. This Bell & Ross BR02 diving watch is definitely one of the best in the business and just some of it’s features include a 40 hour power reserve, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass casing and an interior uni-directional bezel which is somewhat of a must for serious divers.

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