remember Philips hue? the smartphone-controllable, web-enabled LED home lighting system? well, it now has a couple of friends joining it and they are the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips – collectively (and very aptly) known as Philips Friends of hue. the Philips Friends of hue takes your light show from beyond the ceiling to the wall and under your corridor arch, bed, sofa and more. the LivingColors Bloom is much like a desk lamp, except instead of glowing light, it casts a wall of light to highlight your furniture and decorative pieces or just simply turns an otherwise plain white wall into a wall of light. as for the LightStrips, it takes on a more discreet approach; it is a 12W LED light in a form of a 2m flexible light strip that can be cut to size to suit your furniture.

both system works with the Philips hue app (or any third-party apps developed for hue) and just like the hue, they connects wirelessly via your existing Philips hue bridge and along with the app, enables you to tune, dim, control the lights from anywhere, choose from a palette with 16 million colors, and adds 120 lumen of colorful brightness to your home. available now through Apple stores with a sticker of $79.95 for the Philips LivingColors Bloom and $89.95 for the Philips LightStrips. check out a product video after the break to learn more.

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