GE Steps To Reset Smart Light bulb Went Viral For The Wrong Reason

If there’s ever a Guinness World Records for the most steps in a reset process in electronic equipment, I am very sure General Electric (GE) C smart light bulb will bagged the title without any challenger. It may be the premise of a good joke like, you know, the classic “how many * it takes […]

mimoodz: A Full-fledged, Smartphone-controllable Smart LED Bulb That’s Totally Affordable

If the high price for a Smart LED light bulb has stopped you from adopting this wonderful, lazy-man technology, then you’d be glad that owning one has become way more affordable – thanks to mimoodz Smart LED Light Bulb 4.0 by Smart Gator Labs. At 16 bucks a pop, you will bag yourself a full-fledge […]

Buster & Punch LED Buster Bulb Looks Best Without Shades

Despite incandescent bulbs being serious power sucker, we all have to agree they look pretty, but for the sake of your wallet and the environment, a change has to be made. The good thing is, you don’t have to put up with ugly energy saving bulbs cos’ the LED Buster Bulb by Buster & Punch […]

Misfit Moves Beyond Wearables, Introduces Smart Bulb That Also Works With Sleep Monitors

Most smart bulb have similar features and that’s to enable the light to be remotely controlled and enabling it to be integrated into your existing smart home. The Bolt smart bulb from Misfit, the folks who brought to you Shine and Flash fitness and sleep monitors, is not quite part of the Internet of Things, […]

BeON Smart Light Bulb Wants to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home by Replaying Your Lighting Habit

We are seeing a trend in home security system in recent times. Home security started with reactive systems like security cameras and even pepper spray (yes, even pepper spray) as the preferred methods of monitoring your home, but obviously, waiting for burglars to pull a B&E on your beloved home isn’t the best of the […]

This Is A Wooden Light Bulb And Yes, It Actually Lights Up, Albeit Subtly

to use wood as the material to make a light bulb is nothing less than dreaming of the impossible, or so we thought. however, German light bulb specialist didn’t think so and neither did Japanese product designer Ryosuke Fukusada, and together they conceived a light bulb fashion out of 100-year-old Pine that actually let light […]

LED Edison Bulb: A More Energy Efficient Take Of The Bulb You Love

despite its obvious lack of energy efficiency, filament-based Edison bulb remains as one of the most alluring lighting device ever. we are not a fan, to be honest, but we thought it look pretty awesome for rustic style interior decors. however, there is no denying that this traditional incandescents have ridiculously short lifespan (there’s exception […]

Philips Clear LED Bulb

there are various reasons why some people cannot move away from incandescent light bulbs. incandescent, though an electricity guzzler, offers warm that no modern day, energy-saving LED bulb can replace and has an endearing shape that makes a good classy decor element. however, that is set to change with the Philips Clear LED Bulb

Samsung LED Smart Bulb

when you are a big name in the industry, it don’t matter if you are late in the competition because it is going to get the right attention anyway – like what South Korea electronics juggernaut Samsung just did, strolling into the market with its own LED Smart Bulb. these bulbs…

LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb

we all have been through it: you get all comfy on the bed, mucking around with your smartphone or whatever and then the sleepy bugs suddenly hits you, but there is the light to switch off. duh. what a bummer? not if you have the LuMini Smart Bluetooth Bulb installed in your existing lightings