mimoodz Smart LED Light Bulb 4.0

If the high price for a Smart LED light bulb has stopped you from adopting this wonderful, lazy-man technology, then you’d be glad that owning one has become way more affordable – thanks to mimoodz Smart LED Light Bulb 4.0 by Smart Gator Labs. At 16 bucks a pop, you will bag yourself a full-fledge smartphone-controllable LED bulb that lets you set moods, dial-in millions of colors, dim the light and even sync with your music. Basically, mimoodz does what many of its pricer competitions do and while it won’t stand out feature-wise, it is one light bulb that won’t put your wallet to rest if you are going to deck the whole house with it.

mimoodz is just 6W, which means it will be light on your utility, and yet it puts out 470 lumen of brightness – an equivalent of a 40W incandescent light bulb. It works like any regular bulbs and can be turn on or off via the regular light switch, but the real star of the show is the app, which lets do all the lighting magic laid out above. mimoodz Smart LED Light Bulb 4.0 is on its last leg of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where for the said $16, one could be yours. Well, that’s provided the campaign will reach or past its oddly numbered funding goal of $33,333. Weird, right? If they had set it at $30,000 like most people do, they would have reached the goal.

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As it stands, the campaign has already pulled in a little over $30k with nearly 500 folks behind it. If you want super affordable Smart light bulbs to become a reality, be sure sure back up the campaign. Also, do check out the product’s pitch video, which you can find below.

submitted via TIP US page.