After having kept the bulky cardboard packaging of my Xiaomi 55-inch Android TV for nearly two years, I finally sent it into the recycling bin because, I simply have no room in my sub-1,000 square-feet abode.

It was a waste, but somehow inevitable. Samsung knew that too and it wants to alleviate the issue with two-pronged approach with a new ‘eco-packaging’.

In addition to being made using from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, this eco-packaging features dot matrix design on each side, so it could be cut up and assembled into useful products like, for examples, small end tables, magazine racks and more.

A digital manual will guide you on how to make household items out of the cardboard boxes and it is accessible by scanning the QR code on the box.

Samsung Eco-packaging for Lifestyle TV

However interesting the idea maybe, eco-packaging will not be widespread, for now. It will be applied to Samsung line of Lifestyle TV, namely, The Serif, The Frame and The Sero.

Why those TVs only? My guess is, it is not cheap to implement this and Samsung may want to use this small lineup as a pilot program to see how to work out. Plus, those are higher end TVs and should, logically, have better margin over other TVs and hence, able to cover the cost. We are hopeful, though, that this will eventually propagate throughout all TV and even throughout the industry.

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Images: Samsung.

Source: Gizmodo.

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