Whether you are in for the novelty factor or you are trying to hide your prized Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon from others, you will find the Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar by JerryCanBar especially handy.

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar is a real fire extinguisher-shaped mini bar that, when placed correctly, will put your favorite booze incognito. It’s like spy in disguise. The spy here would be the alcohol.

Who would have a thought a fire extinguisher could have the internal space of a liter-size bottled liquor, plus a couple of drinking glasses and other accessories?

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar by JerryCanBar

As you can see, it has a laminated MDF interior in Wenge color and comes as a set that include a pair of 7.5 oz. (220 ml) glasses, a metal LED flashlight and a corkscrew.

This is certainly not the first mini bar incognito. We have saw a couple of Jerrycan examples, which JerryCanBar also sells, previously. But if you ask me, this would be the perfect concealment.

Having a “fire extinguisher” is like nothing out of the ordinary unlike, say, a Jerrycan. Like, dude, why would any have a jerrycan in the house? Unless, of course, you have a military themed man cave or something like that. If are down, the Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar by JerryCanBar can be had for US$169 via Etsy.

Images: Etsy (JerryCanBar).

Source: Dude.

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