is your fridge space-starved and you often find that there is never enough space for your 6-pack? i guess that probably ranks among the top as the worst nightmare for men. well, with the BottleLoft, you can strike that off the list of things you have to worry about as a man. BottleLoft lets you free up valuable real estate in the fridge by hanging the bottles on the top of the refrigerator, leaving the space beneath for other smaller items, such as your left-over pizzas or whatever. we are not going to lie. BottleLoft is not going to be as effective unless you have a reasonably sizable refrigerator where you have high top shelf space. so if have those and still runs out of space, then BottleLoft can really help to ease the space crunch, plus it makes your fridge looks a whole lot cooler too. it is a fairly simple contraption created by a startup magnet specialist who knows a thing or two about how to keep ferrous metal sticks to magnet really firmly.


each BottleLoft features an injection molded plastic rail with three super strong neodymium magnets fitted to custom machined steel cups to aid in focusing the magnetic strength. a strip of 3M VHB (very high bond) tape is used to adhere BottleLoft to the inside of the refrigerator. just in case you are wondering, each of those neodymium magnets is capable of pulling 3.6 pounds of weight, which is more than enough to hold up a 12 oz. bottled beverage and the adhesive tape is of special low temperature grade product that could hold up to 880 pounds. so there’s no worrying about the adhesion and performance. the BottleLoft is not restricted to bottled boozes though, it will also work with bottled ice coffee and sodas, or basically anything with a cap made of ferrous iron. available from Kickstarter starting at $20. delivery is expected to happen in January 2015. keep going for a product video to see the BottleLoft in action.

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Kickstarter via Gear Hungry

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