the world’s smallest aquarium contains only 10ml of water

Worlds Smallest Aquarium main 544x360px
(image credit: Anatoly Konenko)

meet the world’s smallest aquarium that despite its miniature size, still gives the tiny fishes a ‘full featured’ aquatic experience complete with multi-colored pebbles, seaweed and even an aeration device. the miniature tank created by Russian artist Anatoly Konenko, measures just 30 x 24 x 14 mm and holes a 10ml (0.34 oz) of water. check out the setting up of the miniature aquarium video (with a rather haunting soundtrack) after the break.
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Worlds Smallest Aquarium - that's how small it is 640x420px Worlds Smallest Aquarium - against a ruler as prove of its size 640x420px

Kenonko’s Blog via Metro

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