Red and blue flashing lights and siren, which are synonymous with police, have now arrived to home security camera – thanks to the Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System.

Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System

Regular home security cameras can only record intruders carrying out the act. It will not scare them away. But the new Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System is not a regular home security system.

The Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System includes an 8-channel NVR Wired Security System with 4 Bullet and 2 Dome Enforcer cameras with patent-pending red and blue flashing lights.

Each Enforcer camera is capable of sensing heat, movement and/or people to trigger red and blue flashing lights, bright spotlights, and sirens to scare the shit of the intruder(s). In addition, it will also trigger push notifications, two-way talk, and of course, 4K video recording locally and to the cloud.

Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System

Instead of the antiquated black and white infrared night vision, Enforcer’s Night2Day technology generates 4K color video at night and in ambient light up to 115 feet (30 meters).

Finally, it has face recognition technology baked into it too. You can choose who you wish to be alerted about and you will be sent a mobile alert and/or trigger video recording when the chosen faces are identified on-site.

Swann will be showing off the Swann 4K Enforce Kit Security System at the first-ever all-digital CES 2021. In the meantime, you can find other Enforcer cameras selling on

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All images courtesy of Swann.

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