Have wonder how far your pet hamster have ran while using the hamster wheel, or did it ever use the hamster wheel at all? Well, those questions and many like, how long have it ran, at what time, and whatnot will be answered with the Marathon Pets Smart Hamster Wheel.

The Marathon Pets Smart Hamster Wheel is not just any regular’ol hamster wheel. It has ball-bearing on the axle for a quieter operation and it is smart – thanks to the built in WiFi and sensor.

Marathon Pets Smart Hamster Wheel

With WiFi and sensor, you will be able to know when your hamster has exercised and for how long. Plus, you will be able to know how long he or she has ran in terms of linear distance.

All those information, which will be accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer in real-time, will answer curious questions of hamster owners and they can also gave insight to the little furry creature’s health.

In addition, Marathon Pets plan connects with all hamster owners, allowing virtual race to see who’s hamster ran furthest and/or fastest.

The Marathon Pets Smart Hamster Wheel is currently being funded on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for US$44-US$85, depending on the size and how soon you back the campaign.

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The campaign is not funded yet. Whether or not it will materialize depends on the funding outcome in the next 46 days or so.


Images: Kickstarter (Marathon Pets).

Source: Technabob.

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