This Wearable Dog Dryer Is Possibly The Best Invention Since Elizabethan Collar

You know how it is with dogs when they got wet. They love to shake it off, or worst, rub against your couch or roll in dirt to get themselves dry. Dogs. What do they know about drying, right? The good news is, you do not have put your couch and yourself through this ordeal […]

You Can Turn Your Pet Dog Into A Demogorgon Dog With This Handmade Costume

Demodog. The adolescent Demogorgon on four from Netflix’s Stranger Things is hardly cute by any standard. In fact, it is anything but. However, that’s in the TV show. As it turns out, demodog may not be as menacing in the real world, as proven by Etsy seller That Crafty Friend. That Crafty Friend has created […]

AI-enabled Pet Door Stops Cat From Bringing In Dead Animals

Amazon engineer Ben Hamm is a cat owner with a very typical cat owner problem. His cat, named Metric, likes to bring home dead or half dead game home. Metric is like every other cats; he loves to hunt even though he is well fed. You can’t blame Metric. He’s merely a cat doing what […]

Moving With Pets: Tips For Finding A Pet-friendly Apartment

There is no doubting that people love our pets. In fact, about 85 million families in the USA alone own at least one pet. Many love pets for companionship, for protection or just because of how darn cute they are. If you own a house, having a pet is a great way to make it […]

iKuddle Auto Packs Cat’s Waste Into Sealed Bag, Ready To Be Disposed

Having pet cats have its perks, but those perks are not without sacrifices. Sacrifices like having to clean the cats’ “toilet” and putting up with the nauseating smell. But the good news is, those would be a thing of the past if you are willing shell out money for this high-tech cat litter called iKuddle. […]

AI And Face Recognition Lets Dogs Do Their Own Online Shopping

How far would you go to pamper your pet dog? Would you go as far as letting it do its own online shopping if it could? Well, if your answer is yes, then you will be delighted that you can actually do that (let fido does the shopping). But the caveat is, it is only […]

YardTrainer 100 Lets You Train Dogs With Invisible Tug, Not Electric Shock

Before you can go on and put your dog on electronic leash, you need to ensure that it listens. This is where SportDOG Brand YardTrainer 100 aims to do. In fact, SportDOG Brand YardTrainer 100 could very well be an electronic leash. Now, before you put your hands up in the hand and scream, “that’s […]

Seriously, A Washing Machine For Dogs May not Be The Best Idea

Fun facts: dogs are not cars and neither are they laundry. But that does not stop South Korea industrial design studio S2VICTOR from designing what’s essentially a car wash for dogs called Pet Styler. Unlike car wash machine though, there’s no conveyor to move your dog along and there are no rolling brushes. Maybe it […]

Cat Scratch Laptop Is For Dennis Of The Cat’s World With A Thing For Laptop

Do you find you lovely feline friend loves to ‘type’ and ‘dab’ on your laptop? By ‘type’ and ‘dab’, I mean to say ‘scratching the keyboard and stabbing at the screen’. If so, here’s the perfect solution to the woes only cat owners will be able to understand: SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop. SUCK UK […]