This Smart Hamster Wheel Lets You In On The Linear Distance Your Hamster Has Covered

Have wonder how far your pet hamster have ran while using the hamster wheel, or did it ever use the hamster wheel at all? Well, those questions and many like, how long have it ran, at what time, and whatnot will be answered with the Marathon Pets Smart Hamster Wheel.

Your Hate For Kim Jong Un Must Be Very Deep To Be Wanting This Cat Scratching Post

Are you a self-righteous cat owner who think that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un deserves to be by mauled by a tiger? If yes, well then, congrats. Your decision to own a kitty is the best one yet because, your feline friend, though not a tiger, may unleashed its claws on dear Kim on …

Simone Giertz Built A Dog Selfie Booth Using LEGO And LEGO Mindstorms

One of our favorite inventors/YouTube personalities Simone Giertz tried teaching her pet dog, Scraps, how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but little doggy just couldn’t get her paws on it. So she does what any sane inventor would do: built a dog selfie booth.

Space Age-looking Cat Litter Will Automatically Re-order Litter So You Don’t Have To

If the numerous cat litters we have featured in the past haven’t interest you, then perhaps, this one will. Called Space Kotty Smart Litter Box, it is a super high-tech cat litter that Bigglesworth may love to have.

Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter Is As Futuristic In Functions As Its Aesthetic

Cat litter. It is not a pleasant thing to deal with. Not only you will have put with the inevitable odor, but you also need to deal with the aftermath which puts you even closer to the smell. With the Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter, though, it will relieve you of those unpleasant experiences.

Poop Cube Cat Litter Box Because, Cat Litter Should Keep Odor In And Looks Stylish Too

Poop Cube from design-centric Superpet is a new cat litter box that beats traditional litter box by miles in both the looks and functionality departments. It is a stylish enclosed cat litter that contains the odor and prevents tracking.

Pluto Circle Zero Is Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box With The Jetsons’ Kind Of Futuristic Vibe

The market is no shortage of automatic cat litter. So, it mostly comes down to aesthetics and how it actually functions. In case you are in the market for one, here’s one somewhat The Jetsons kind of futuristic litter box.

Rocky Is A Companion Robot For Your Cats That Dispenses Treats And Monitors Home Too

Technology has indeed progressed rapidly. Just not too long ago, we were posting about stationary pet care products that dispense treats, lets you monitor your furry friends and play with them remotely using laser pointer. Today, we have almost the same thing, but this time, it is mobile, by the way of a robot.