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Xtreem Mini Stealth Drone Flies Up to 330 ft, Has Easy-Fly Gyro for Stabilization and it is Just 6-inch Long

RC things that fly has come a long way. i remember when i started out in RC helicopter, control was the biggest hurdle. back then, gyro wasn’t as sophisticated, or as the experts would say ‘more challenging’ and involves ‘real skills’. thanks the advancement in micro electronics, gyros are now tinier and smarter, which makes hover-capable craft like quadcopters easier to control and Xtreem’s latest quad-rotor flyer, Mini Stealth Drone, is one such RC toy that benefits from this advancement. it promised to take you from rookie pilot to a pro with “little practice” and even “perform all kinds of tricks and stunts.” while control is critical, the sense of direction for these multi-directional flying craft is another whole new challenge, but that’s another issue altogether. for now, it looks like the trickiest part in the book has been eliminated. Continue reading Xtreem Mini Stealth Drone Flies Up to 330 ft, Has Easy-Fly Gyro for Stabilization and it is Just 6-inch Long

What We Have Missed: Day 226, Week 33 Year 2014

Chocolate LEGO by Akihiro Mizuuchi Chocolate LEGO Lets You Have The Bricks And Eat It
who says you can’t have it all? in the case of Japanese artist Akihiro Mizuuchi’s chocolate LEGO, you certainly can have the fun and satisfy your sweet tooth too. the blocks fit together like real LEGO bricks, though it might be a little fragile to handle. obviously, not an official thing, but still awesome. LEARN MORE. [via]

Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros Edition Europe To Get Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS
the view for the Super Smash Bros Edition 3DS is divided. some say it is hideous, some adores it. i, for one, think it is pretty cool. the characters in grey scale against a red background is pretty classy. landing in EU market in October 3 to coincide with the new Smash Bros. release. LEARN MORE.

BlueJewelz Notification Jewelry BlueJewelz Puts Notification Technology Into Real Jewelry
designed with busy ladies in mind, the BlueJewelz features a notification disc that can be use with a variety of BlueJewelz jewelry, which will notify the wearer with a distinct vibration as the notifications arrive. paired via Bluetooth, it will even alert users if they stray too far from their phone. from $119. BUY.

Neptune Pine Smartwatch Big Ass Neptune Pine Smartwatch Now Available For Pre-order
remember that super cool, super big, standalone smartwatch called Neptune Pine. well, they done with crowdfunding and already shipping out the device to the first batch of Kickstarter backers. for those who have missed it, fret not, you can now pre-order yours from Neptune’s website. from $349. BUY.

Swann Security Xtreem QuadForce Video Drone Swann Outs Quadcopter Xtreem QuadForce With HD Videoing Capability
first of the new Xtreem collection, the QuadForce features 4-axis control via 2.4GHz controller, allowing it to fly up to 330 feet and most importantly, it has a color video camera built-in to capture up to 720p HD video and stores on micro SD card. simplest way to get your drone videoing career off the ground. $89.99. BUY.

Acer Chromebook 13 Acer New Chromebook 13 Boasts an Impressive 13 Hours of Battery Life
Chromebook is well known for its lightweight OS with speedy boot up, though never quite for battery life. the Acer Chromebook 13 is about to change that. this NVIDIA Tegra K1 powered laptop has 13 hours to it, enough for you work through from New York to Beijing – if you have any Internet connectivity at all. BUY.

Swann Quad Starship RC Quadcopter

with no less than 20 birds in its arsenal, Swann is certainly no stranger to RC flying toy (even one that drops bubbles!), but a quadcopter is something new to the lineup, which is what makes it worthy of a mention. looking like an aircraft that pops out of a sci-fi movie, the Swann Quad Starship RC Quadcopter is propelled by four rotors, each having its own protective guard. under the hood, it features Swann’s Easy Fly Gyro technology and along with four-axis control that allows ease of control and multi-direction maneuverability. it can ascend, descent, propel forward and backward, straddle sideways and even perform 3D maneuvers such as flips and stunt tumbles. basically, it can do what most accomplished and expensive quadcopters can do, except that its 2.4GHz control only offers up to 30 meters (100 feet) range, which kind of like a shot in reality that this is after all, a kid’s toy. but seriously, we don’t quite care as long it is a four-channel aircraft and having 3D capability is just a bonus. Continue reading Swann Quad Starship RC Quadcopter

Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter

the fun in RC flying is just about as fun as it lasts, so if you find yourself ‘peaking’ out of the normal learning curve, we think it might be high time to drop some package on your unsuspecting victims. well, not that we encourage you to do so, but you can’t deny the fact that the idea of being able to drop a “bomb” on somebody or something with a RC flying machine kind of thrills you. no? let’s face it: drone piloting is reserved for the elites, and besides, we won’t want to be responsible for killing real people, so we suppose the Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter is the closest thing you will ever get to piloting a drone and actually dropping something relatively harmless. you know? in the name of fun. the Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter is the latest to join Swann Security’s growing fleet fun RC helicopters that promised to be easy to fly even for beginners, thanks to Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro technology, and at the same time, adds some mischief and fun into RC helicopter flying. Continue reading Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter

Swann Audio Warning Security Camera

Swann Audio Warning Security Camera
Swann Audio Warning Security Camera | US$59.99 | www.swann.com

you worked hard for what you own today, so it makes perfect sense to equip your home with ample home security measures to deter the crooks from taking away your worldly possessions. typically, we would use security cameras as a deterrence but that however, only served as an evidence after the unfortunate event has happened. even if the crooks are caught, you may never recover all that have been stolen. what we need is something that don’t just passively records the nasty event as it unfolds – we need to sound off the alarm, literally, to make the potential intruders aware that they are caught in the act. Continue reading Swann Audio Warning Security Camera

Swann new RC helicopter with camera and iOS control

Swann Sky Eye RC Helicopter
(photos: Swann) Swann iFly Micro Lightning (US$69.99) / Sky Eve (US$99.99) / Black Swann (US$99.99) | www.swann.com

let’s be honest: not everyone is cut out to be pilots, not even when it is a toy and if you are like me who finds a real radio control helicopter an eternal frustration to learn, then counter-rotating blades remote control helicopters might just be an easier option. speaking of which, these newly announced trio of RC helicopters from Swann might be worthy of your consideration. first in line is the i-Fly Micro Lightning helicopter, which offers control either with the included IR remote or by any iDevices. of course, for the latter, you will need Swann’s iFly app, which is available free on the AppStore. the other two, the Sky Eye and Black Swann, features a built-in camera that record flights with video or still images at the push of a button. Continue reading Swann new RC helicopter with camera and iOS control