the fun in RC flying is just about as fun as it lasts, so if you find yourself ‘peaking’ out of the normal learning curve, we think it might be high time to drop some package on your unsuspecting victims. well, not that we encourage you to do so, but you can’t deny the fact that the idea of being able to drop a “bomb” on somebody or something with a RC flying machine kind of thrills you. no? let’s face it: drone piloting is reserved for the elites, and besides, we won’t want to be responsible for killing real people, so we suppose the Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter is the closest thing you will ever get to piloting a drone and actually dropping something relatively harmless. you know? in the name of fun. the Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter is the latest to join Swann Security’s growing fleet fun RC helicopters that promised to be easy to fly even for beginners, thanks to Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro technology, and at the same time, adds some mischief and fun into RC helicopter flying.

the Bubble Bomber comes complete with bubble solution and an injector for you to squeeze the liquid into the helicopter’s undercarriage and once in the air, you can drop the bubbles by simply hitting the Bubble Button on the 2.4GHz wireless remote control. the control lets you fly the Bubble Bomber up to 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) and is a full-fledge controller complete with two joysticks and trim control that allows for six-way multi-directional operation. there’s even a Turbo button that adds an extra jolt of speed for getting out of bad situations. an onboard 3.7V lithium polymer gives the helicopter up to seven minutes of flight time in between charges. the Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter is available at Fry’s for $59.99 a pop, though the last check, it is still not in store. another look after the break.

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Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter

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