while the market is certainly not lacking of travel adapters, most of them just ‘works right’ and they could hardly be called reliable (those elusive prongs!) and aesthetically, they can never live up to style-conscious folks’ expectations. this is where SKROSS comes in. SKROSS is the Swiss name behind the world’s first single-piece adapter, patented in 2002, featuring the now-widely used all-in-one country-slider system which not only met relevant international safety regulations, but also sports uber sleek design that we dare say, is possibly the best looking travel adapters we have seen to date. the brand’s catalog is wide and varied, ranging from world travel adapter to USB charger, which will have you covered regardless of your traveling power needs and where you are traveling to.

the firm is also keeping itself abreast with the needs of modern day travelers by offering products like the SOS Battery for on-the-go charging needs and the World Adapter MUV USB charger that marries SKROSS World Adapter to a dual USB charger, thus allowing gadget-toting world travelers to free themselves from carrying yet another USB power adapter while still affording an outlet that world’s virtually anywhere on Earth, for charging two devices simultaneously. seriously, any style-demanding globetrotter should check out what SKROSS has to offer. speaking of which, there’s a promotion over at Touch of Modern offering a range of SKROSS products at special prices starting at just $21. so you guys might want to check them out. the promotion will lapse on October 17, 2013 at 12PM PDT. in the meantime, do scroll down and check out some awesome product images.

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