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iPin Laser Presenter For iPhone

how many times have you found yourself frantically searching for that tiny laser pointer when it is time for your presentation? if the answer is yes, then we think the iPin Laser Presenter for iPhone is just what you will need. most of us won’t forget our smartphones and so it does make sense to incorporate a laser pointer to this new age everyday carry and the iPin does so by harnessing the versatile 3.5mm headphone jack for your pointing needs. though it is much more tinier than a traditional laser pointer, the likelihood of losing it or forgetting it will be greatly reduced, because it can stay plugged in the headphone jackiPin Laser Presenter For iPhone – thanks to its ability to turn on and off just by rotating the iPin 90 degrees. and when you need to use the headphone jack, just remove it and slot it into a handy holder which you can attached to your earphones. Continue reading iPin Laser Presenter For iPhone

Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

whether you are a fan of vintage WWII stuff or just want to spruce up your pad with uniquely different and novel items, the Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans will be more than fit the bill. each Danish Fuel Jerry Cans are repurposed by hand in Denmark, resulting in a one-of-a-kind example. the Jerry Cans are repurposed into bar cabinet, bathroom cabinet, and even as trolley which would probably scare the hell out of any TSA or transit security. we have our reservations about the latter, as for the rest, they are plain awesome. there are three ‘models’ of the original jerry cans: the German version is known as Wehrmacht Kanister, the Danish models is marked as ‘HMAK‘, while the British iteration is dubbed as the “WD“. Continue reading Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

while the market is certainly not lacking of travel adapters, most of them just ‘works right’ and they could hardly be called reliable (those elusive prongs!) and aesthetically, they can never live up to style-conscious folks’ expectations. this is where SKROSS comes in. SKROSS is the Swiss name behind the world’s first single-piece adapter, patented in 2002, featuring the now-widely used all-in-one country-slider system which not only met relevant international safety regulations, but also sports uber sleek design that we dare say, is possibly the best looking travel adapters we have seen to date. the brand’s catalog is wide and varied, ranging from world travel adapter to USB charger, which will have you covered regardless of your traveling power needs and where you are traveling to. Continue reading SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

Quartz Armchair by CTRL ZAK & Davide Barzaghi

if you are a loner with occasional burst of visitors, then we supposed the Quartz Armchair will make a good companion furniture for your sometime not-so-lonely lifestyle – especially if you appreciate a non-clutter living space. designed by CTRK ZAK and Davide Barzaghi, the Quartz Armchair is said to be the “result of a mathematical series applied to furnishings.” how exactly that works out is beyond us, but all we know that it is just one insanely pricey chair that looks totally rad and in some way, reminds us of our chemistry lessons donkey years ago. as to why this is a loner’s chair, well, at $13,999 (and that’s the heavily discounted price, btw), you probably won’t acquire more than one and when friends start pouring into your humble pad, the modular cushions that forms its oddly alluring form can be pulled apart and turned into little stools to be dotted your apartment so that no one has to sit on the floor. Continue reading Quartz Armchair by CTRL ZAK & Davide Barzaghi