whether you are a fan of vintage WWII stuff or just want to spruce up your pad with uniquely different and novel items, the Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans will be more than fit the bill. each Danish Fuel Jerry Cans are repurposed by hand in Denmark, resulting in a one-of-a-kind example. the Jerry Cans are repurposed into bar cabinet, bathroom cabinet, and even as trolley which would probably scare the hell out of any TSA or transit security. we have our reservations about the latter, as for the rest, they are plain awesome. there are three ‘models’ of the original jerry cans: the German version is known as Wehrmacht Kanister, the Danish models is marked as ‘HMAK‘, while the British iteration is dubbed as the “WD“.

each jerry can was put under the knife, sliced open and adapted for a new life as a bar or bath cabinet, complete with shelves in a choice of wood materials and mirror, or in the case of a trolley, all cleared for your personal travel belongings, along with wheels and extendable handle. old paint and rust, if any, are removed by a 24-hour burning process, after which, it gets sandblasted and treated with wear-resistant powder coating. the opening (aka the door) is hinged and the edges finished in hard plastic for good seal. though we rather not have those for a seamless look, but i guess that’s just a necessary evil. the bar cabinet version features an integrated key lock, while the trolley model is secured by a latch mechanism.

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the Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans can be acquired direct from Danish Fuel’s website for €399 or about US$540, but for a limited time, you can bag one starting at US$399 from Touch of Modern.

fun fact: Jerry Can was invented during WWII by the Germans and those were the times where English would refer Germans as “Jerries” and hence the reference to the cans that they made as ‘Jerry Can’.

Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

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