Numskull x Transformers TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks: Optimus Prime And Megatron Becomes Ducks

You have not been keeping track, you’d be overwhelmed by how many properties Numbskull’s TUBBZ line of cosplay ducks has now. I know I am pretty amazed at how many characters it has grown since after Back to the Future Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Guframini: Iconic Furniture From Gufram Shrunk Down To Desktop Size

Ever wanted to own the 70s iconic furniture like the Gufram Bocca aka the lips sofa, or maybe the Pratone, the radical lounge chair that looks like a caricature of a clod of lawn, but cannot afford them? Well, here’s some good news. You can now buy Bocca, Pratone, along with Cactus, and modern icon …

Bread Slippers: Perfect Companion To Bread-themed Couch And Lamps

When we did a post on bread-themed furniture earlier this year for folks who can’t get enough of bread, we should have remembered to include this: bread slippers. What’s more perfect for a bread lover than to consume bread, seated on a bread couch in a room lit up by bread light while wearing a …

MOVA Globe: By The Power Of Light, It Rotates!

The best decor piece and/or novelty item to own for a person of knowledge is no doubt a globe. You didn’t think that they came up with a globe wine bar because they can. No. Because having a globe makes you look like a knowledgeable person, a person of a certain class, even for an …

French Fry Holder For Car: For Drivers Who Love Eating Fries While Driving

Many, many moons ago, we saw what could be the best invention for in-car consumption of fries and nuggets. The Dip Clip, as it is called, may have ended the fries/nugget dry spell but it neglected one very important issue: who’s holding the fries/nuggets?

Mathmos, The Inventors Of Lava Lamp, Finally Has A Floor-standing Lava Lamp

While the lava lamp has seen many designs since its invention in the 60s, it remains largely the same. It is always tabletop size. But that’s until recently when the original inventors, Mathmos (formerly Crestworth) of the lava lamp introduced Saturn Giant Lava Lamp.

Forget About Regular Staplers Because Wooden Elephant Stapler Is A Thing

Depending on your profession or the role you play in your household, you may not need a stapler ever. But if you do, you have to agree that stapler is one of the stationery that is anything but eye-pleasing. As such, it is best that it is incognito. You know, like masquerading itself as cute …

Fisher-Price Chatter: The First “Mobile” Phone Returns As A Real Mobile Phone For Adults

The classic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is making a comeback. However, it is not back to entertain toddlers 12 to 36 months of age. It has returned as a Bluetooth device for grown-ups, to be paired with a smartphone so you can use it to make calls like the good’ol days.