Nextube Retro Nixie Clock-inspired Display Uses IPS Displays To Replicate The Good’ol Nixie Tube Look

Nixie tube. The display invention that screams 1950s and the definitive symbol of retro in the 21st century. However cool the Nixie tube is, it is never energy efficient and it has a limit to what it can display. But with this modern “Nixie tube” though, called Nextube, what it can display is limited to …

Novel Business Card Reveal That Smile Of Yours Behind The Face Mask

Not knowing how business associates look is a norm today because half of everyone’s face is covered by a face mask. So how do you let the other party know how you look under the mask? Well, you could have your portrait printed on a business card, or you could up the ante by having …

Bubbly Blaster Turns Champagne Into A Water Gun That Shoots, Well, Champagne

Forget about water guns, the Bubbly Blaster Champagne Blaster takes liquid squirting to the next realm. Bubbly Blaster Champagne Blaster is a device that lets you attach any champagne bottle and turn it into a champers blaster.

Marvel Will Sell You Anything, Including A Box That Just Churns Out Sound Effects

You have heard of Miami Sound Machine… Wait, no? Too young, huh? Never mind because there is the Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine. But it is definitely not a band playing Mos Eisley Cantina Band music. Wait. Different Disney’s company? Damn it, Disney. You own too many things we love! Ugh.

Bandai Electronic Bubble Wrap Popping Toy: Endless Bubble Wrap Popping Fun!

Bubble wrap is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. It has helped keep goods safe while in transit and at the end of its journey, it offers some folks a little harmless and somewhat stress-relieving entrainment: bubble popping.

Here’s An Oversized Face Mask… For Carrying Your Belongings. Yes, It’s A Face Mask Bag!

Face mask is all the rage these days. Not that we enjoy wearing it, but because the situation calls for it. That said, it is only naturally that we talk about face mask here pretty often. However, this face mask is not quite the kind of mask you are acquainted with.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Silicone Ice Buster Sword. Seriously, Do We Need To Say More?

If Final Fantasy, specifically the Final Fantasy VII, aka FF that isn’t convoluted, has a special place in your heart, then the Final Fantasy VII Remake Silicone Ice Tray should be right up your alley. Never mind if you never have a use for ice, but seriously, who can ignore a translucent, miniature buster sword? …