Pocketalk’s Newest Translation Device Supports 74 Languages, Translates Text And Signs Too

Having language barriers when traveling? You probably won’t if bring along the newest Pocketalk Two-Way Translation Device. With the ability to translate between 74 languages (!) and improved software processing speed for immediate translations, language barriers will be non existence.

Nimble World Traveler Adapter: A Solidly Built Dream Travel Adapter [Review] [Updated 9/10]

Ten years ago, we would be happy to travel with a regular travel adapter. With the changing power requirements of newer gadgets, you can hardly do that today. I mean, you could, but would you rather put up with the inconvenience if you really don’t have to? And also, remember the one time the hotel […]

Sonny Is A Bidet That You Can Bring On The Road. Yes, Really!

You know what a bidet is. Now, meet one that you can bring along on the road. Yes. You freaking heard that right. Portable bidet is a thing. Called Sonny, this baton like device features a built-in water reservoir and an electronic package to get the motor churning and ejecting the water out of the […]

CM Translator Translates Between 6 Languages At A Click Of A Button

NYSE-listed Cheetah Mobile is introducing its “top-selling handheld AI translation device in China” to the rest of the world via a flexible goal (read: pre-order) campaign on Indiegogo. The CM Translator, as it is called, is powered by AI technology from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services which include machine translation and Neural Text-to-Speech capabilities, along with […]

Meet Pilloon, A Travel Jacket With Integrated Travel Pillow And Eye Mask

Here’s a brilliant travel jacket that we just stumble upon called Pilloon Jacket by Hong Kong-based company AirOgo. It was a funded Kickstarter campaign from 2018. Not sure why we didn’t catch it when it appeared, but anyways, it is not too late to know. Pilloon Jacket is no ordinary jacket. It is the first […]

Forget About Key Or Numbers, This TSA Padlock Uses Fingerprint To Unlock

If you are as paranoid as me about luggage security, you would have a padlock on top of the suitcase’s integrated number lock. But added security is not without its caveat. You’d be burdened with an extra key or extra set of combination number to remember. If you rather not carry an extra, easy-to-lose key […]

Max Pump 2: A Tiny Pump That Will Literally Save Your Breath

What is the first thing you do when you reach the campsite after setting up your tent and the cosy outdoor air mattress? Probably sleep. Why? Because you are probably out of breath from inflating the bed, either using a hand pump or by the power of your lungs. Not exactly the scenario one has […]

Aroo Travel Sized Vacuum Compressor Crushes A Steel Can From The Inside

Have you tried using vacuum bags to shrink down your clothes with a vacuum to maximum your suitcase space? Probably you have, but I am guessing only when you are leaving home. It is safe to say hotels do no offer you vacuum cleaner for such purpose. I was lucky. The last time I was […]

Reimagined Eye Mask Makes You Look Like Earth-616’s Scott Summers

When you take a wink, no matter where you are, you will always face with the same threat: brightness. I am cool with that, though I can’t say the same for the rest. For the ‘rest’, the maker of Ostrich Pillow, Studio Banana has a perfect solution, a total retake of the traditional eye mask […]

This Is The World’s First Travel Adapter With Auto-resetting Fuse

With the proliferation gadgets, it is hard not to bring a couple of travel adapters when you travel. It has become a norm and obviously, the market is not lacking of such accessory and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid when I buying one. Just pick any right? Probably, but there’s something I have never gave […]