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This Is The World’s First Travel Adapter With Auto-resetting Fuse

With the proliferation gadgets, it is hard not to bring a couple of travel adapters when you travel. It has become a norm and obviously, the market is not lacking of such accessory and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid when I buying one. Just pick any right? Probably, but there’s something I have never gave a thought about: what if the fuse in it blows? I won’t know for sure if I am sleeping, will I? And result in gadgets hooked up to it not charging as it should. This is where Zendure, the company that brought you the crush-proof power bank, think it may have solved the problem. Continue reading This Is The World’s First Travel Adapter With Auto-resetting Fuse

This Travel Adapter Covers All Manner Of Sockets While Looking Uber Cute

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and so, if you travel often, you ought to keep yourself updated with an all-rounder travel adapter. I mean, seriously, the boring and sometimes, flimsy (speaking from personal experience, btw), traditional travel adapter is so passé. That’s not mention that some so-called travel adapters don’t quite cover the 15 official different sockets that exist. Sadly, not many manufacturers care, but today, we came across one that truly cares about having you covered, no matter where you go. Meet myPowerMate, a travel adapter that promised have the aforementioned 15 types of sockets covered and doing so adorably. Continue reading This Travel Adapter Covers All Manner Of Sockets While Looking Uber Cute

CHEN Is A High-tech Travel Padlock That Can Truly Be Called Next-Gen

Do you envision a future without physical keys? Well, the thing is, your front door maybe keyless and so is your car, but sadly, your favorite carryon and/or overnighter you use for traveling probably won’t be keyless anytime soon, and so for now, CHEN is probably your best bet in going keyless on any suitcase. This somewhat egg-shaped padlock is loaded with some serious tech, including built-in GPS/GSM technology to enable you to track CHEN-secured suitcase anywhere in the world, Bluetooth technology that works with a robust servomotor to unlock the lock, an in-built scale with retractable hook for finding out the weight of your baggage, and finally, a lithium ion battery, rechargeable via USB, that lasts for at least two weeks on a single charge. Continue reading CHEN Is A High-tech Travel Padlock That Can Truly Be Called Next-Gen

Ti Bar – An Uber Stylish Toothbrush Holder For Home And On-The-Road

Unless your idea of luxury is to have a golden throne or one embellished with countless Swarovski crystals, bathroom isn’t quite a place to call luxury, but if you really want to up your bathroom’s ante in the luxe department without splurging tens of thousands on an exquisite throne, then may I suggest the Turtle Ti Bar Titanium Dental Essential Holder. It is not made of gold, neither is it coated with precious stones, but it is of titanium, which means it is both rust-resistant and bacteria-free, and being a titanium, it is in itself one hell of a looker too. Continue reading Ti Bar – An Uber Stylish Toothbrush Holder For Home And On-The-Road

This Unusual Travel Pillow Lets You Sleep In 5 Different Ways When Flying

When given a proper bed, humans have the liberty to sleep however we want, be it curling up, sideways, or even face down, but when you fly or commute on a train, there is all but one option: sleeping while seated. Unless you opt for first class seat, a travel pillow is likely the only reprieve you are going to get for this pain in the neck (like, literally) rest time. With conventional travel pillow, it does alleviate your sleeping woe while traveling, but the option is limited, if there’s any option to start with. This is where FaceCradle Travel Pillow wants to make a difference. Continue reading This Unusual Travel Pillow Lets You Sleep In 5 Different Ways When Flying

Ostrich Pillow Go Is Travel Pillow Done Absolutely Right

Traveling can be a pain in the neck, like quite literally, especially when you are trying to get some shut eye during that dreadful journey. And when travel pillow was invented, we thought we could live happily after, but the truth is, it is not happily ever after for some because travel pillow is one-size fits all which obviously, we humans are not quite ‘one-size’. This is where Ostrich Pillow Go comes in. From the Studio Banana Things, the same folks who brought you the Ostrich Pillow, this to-go version reimagines what a travel pillow should be, starting with the philosophy of there’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Continue reading Ostrich Pillow Go Is Travel Pillow Done Absolutely Right

SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

while the market is certainly not lacking of travel adapters, most of them just ‘works right’ and they could hardly be called reliable (those elusive prongs!) and aesthetically, they can never live up to style-conscious folks’ expectations. this is where SKROSS comes in. SKROSS is the Swiss name behind the world’s first single-piece adapter, patented in 2002, featuring the now-widely used all-in-one country-slider system which not only met relevant international safety regulations, but also sports uber sleek design that we dare say, is possibly the best looking travel adapters we have seen to date. the brand’s catalog is wide and varied, ranging from world travel adapter to USB charger, which will have you covered regardless of your traveling power needs and where you are traveling to. Continue reading SKROSS USB Charger and Travel Adapter

Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder

half of the time, getting to the airport and checking in is a mad dash, and the last thing is to fumble for essentials like credit cards, cash, writing instrument, and most important of all, the passport. the Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder might help to alleviate some of the stress of finding all those items when you needed them most. crafted and stitched by hand by a dude from Singapore, this handsome passport travel wallet is made from 20z natural vegetable tan leather and features slots for credit cards, a compartment to keep your currency crease-free, a pen holder, and a slot that snugly fits any standard passport, or a business notepad if you so choose. finally, burnished edges and white linen thread stitching rounds up the package of this classy wallet. Continue reading Jacob’s Leather Passport Travel Wallet/Holder

Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

if you are a serious cyclist, chances are you won’t settle for the second best ride when traveling and hence the need to bring you trusty bike with you – wherever you go. but that won’t be easy task, unless you are willing to put down good money for a custom case. Thule, the Swedish name for all-thing automotive storage, think they might have the awesome solution to your bicycle transportation woes. the Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes is a trio of collection consisting of the Round Trip Pro, Round Trip Elite, and the Round Trip Sport, that are designed to transport your beloved pedal ride safely and in style. the Pro (hard case of ABS and aluminum construction) and Elite (soft case made of hyper durable nylon) models feature roof rack-like rail for securing the bike frame, and this rail can be pulled out and doubles as a reliable work stand for working on your bike. Continue reading Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

no. that’s not an Evian branded humidifier. it is the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier that you can bring to wherever you go, be it traveling or to the office. these days, even if you are in a humid countries like South Asia, chances are you are exposed to dehydrating air-condition environment to which your boss probably won’t give a damn, so it is up to yourself to keep your immediate surrounding moist with nifty little device such as this Satechi USB Portable Humidifier. when used with cold water, this Satechi item also doubles as a mister to quell some of the summer heat, though we suspect not by much due to its size. according to Satechi, this tiny device has an effective coverage of 16.4 square feet (about 1.5 square meter). apart from the aforementioned features, it can also be used as an aroma diffuser – all you have to do is to add the liquid fragrances or essential oils of your choice into the water. Continue reading Satechi USB Portable Humidifier