If you are as paranoid as me about luggage security, you would have a padlock on top of the suitcase’s integrated number lock. But added security is not without its caveat. You’d be burdened with an extra key or extra set of combination number to remember. If you rather not carry an extra, easy-to-lose key or not remember another set of number (you can set the same number, but that’ll be a big security risk), then the Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Luggage Lock is the answer.

Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Luggage Lock

Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Luggage Lock, as the product implies, is a biometric padlock. All you need to do is to hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor and voila, the padlock unlocks. No key and no numbers to deal with. It is Travel Sentry Approved which means, it has a master keyhole for TSA screeners to unlock bags for inspection, so need not have smash your lock.

Powering the biometric scanner is a lithium-ion polymer, rechargeable via an integrated USB port (also at the bottom of the lock), it offers a lengthy 9 months battery life per 30 minutes charge. Granted, it is not the pretties of all padlocks, but given the convenience you will be getting, I think it may just worth overlooking the aesthetic.

Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Luggage Lock

But if you really can’t (get over the aesthetic), then may we suggest that you hang in there because, Bio-key will be bringing to the market a prettier and newer model, the Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Pro Luggage Lock that can also unlocked via Bluetooth using the TouchLock app.

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Recommended retail price for the Bio-Key TouchLock TSA Luggage Lock is $55.99, but we learned that Amazon is selling it at nearly 30 percent off at $39.99 a pop. As for the Pro model which will be coming soon, we heard it will retail for $89.99. That’s a lot of money to pay for a padlock, but hey, nobody said worry free convenience will be cheap anyways.

Images: Bio-key.

Sources: BGR.

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