Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch

Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch
(photos: Rolex) Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch | US$tba |

haven’t you heard? director James Cameron of the Titanic fame (and Avatar, Abyss and among the many others) is taking to the bottom of the ocean yet again and Rolex is marking this historic expedition (known as the Deepsea Challenge expedition) with this beautiful Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge watch. classified as an experimental watch, the Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge watch features an oversized (51.4mm), ultra thick (28.5mm) stainless steel case, a grade 5 titanium caseback, screw-down winding crown with TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system, a 14.3mm thick domed synthetic sapphire, unidirectional 60-minute bezel with ceramic inserts and numerals coated in platinum via PVD, black lacquer dial with luminescent hands and hours markers, and water resistance to an astounding 12,000 meters (or 39,370 feet). wow.

via Uncrate via PERPETUELLE

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