Casio G-Shock GWFA1000 Is The First Frogman Dive Watch To Rock An Analog Display

Diving enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, no longer need to watch in envy at land adventurers who had the analog Casio G-Shock Mudmaster because, Casio’s dive watch Frogman is just went analog.

Exolung Will Supply “Unlimited” Air Underwater As Long You Keep Kicking

Remember AirBuddy? The dive gear that pipes air from the surface to you as you explore the beautiful underwater world? Well, the Exolung you see here shares the same concept, except that it is totally power-free.

Diver Or Not, You Will Want To Check Out These Dive Watches

I am not a professional diver and I am not a watch connoisseur either. I am merely an ordinary person who appreciation everything that looks sleek, beautiful (people included), and cool, and this new dive watch collection from young watchmaker, Reservoir Watch, fits the bill precisely. One look and you know why it is here. […]

How The Heck This Dive Watch Got 2,000 Percent Funded In 180 Minutes?

Italian watchmaker Meccaniche Veneziane has launched its first Swiss Made GMT watch, Nereide GMT Dive Watch, featuring the watchmaker’s characteristic design and a new complication powered by ETA 2893-2 Swiss Movement. Yup. It’s GMT and it is a dive watch! So freaking cool! Clearly, it is the timepiece both watch aficionados and avid divers love […]

ParaLenz Is The First Action Camera Built From The Ground Up For Divers

Action cameras for land action are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to below the water surface, it is really far and few between. That is not say there aren’t any. There are, but most of them are not design from the ground up to deal with underwater conditions and the optics aren’t […]

How “Jetboots” Helped Elite Forces In Modern Warfare And Yes, They Exist!

There are many tech developed by private contractors for the government that we don’t know about. Some of these tech, like those once used by CIA, were quite mind-boggling advanced for their time. Now, this probably don’t come as a surprise – thanks the hordes of Hollywood spy movies, but I bet you didn’t know […]

This Gorgeous Chunky Diver Watch Has A Big-ass Interchangeable Bezel

Bear with me for a while for I maybe a little biased here. You see, like many modern homo sapiens, I have a penchant for wrist worn timepiece – particularly, those big-ass wrist watches and although I may not take to the deep blue as much (say hi to the sharks for me), I do […]

This Dive Tank Floats On The Surface So You Dive Without Being Weighed Down

Remember how Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), led by Jar Jar Binks, dive underwater to reach Otoh Gunga in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace? In that scene, the Jedis used futuristic tiny breathing apparatus on their mouths to survive underwater. Well, the AirBuddy you see here is not […]

This Ski Bindings-like Device Lets You Wear Your Diving Flippers Handsfree

If you scuba dive, you will probably understand the pain trying to put on the flippers after you have fully geared up. I mean, slipping on the flippers isn’t that hard; it’s those gears on you that hinders the process – more so, if the boat is tiny, but not for long, cos’ an Italy […]

Dutch Harbor Watch Is Shinola’s Take Of 50s Dive Watches That Do 900 Feet

You grandpa’s dive watch may look cool (and it was), but it probably can’t dive 900 feet. So, instead of putting your family heirloom at the mercy of 400 psi of waterbody, the Dutch Harbor Watches would be your best bet in looking good and going deep – like, really, really deep. New from Filson, […]