Heavy Armor Diving Watch by DELTAt

Bear with me for a while for I maybe a little biased here. You see, like many modern homo sapiens, I have a penchant for wrist worn timepiece – particularly, those big-ass wrist watches and although I may not take to the deep blue as much (say hi to the sharks for me), I do appreciate quality diving timepieces as much as any regular diver. While divers love them for its practical intents, I just love the fact that it is huge and uncomplicated (unlike aviation examples). So, naturally, when a hat tip on a big, chunky diving watch called Heavy Armor from Hong Kong-based watchmaker, DELTAt (pronounced as ‘delta’ ’t’) dropped in our inbox, I knew I have to talk about it here.

Heavy Armor Diving Watch by DELTAt

Even the name on its own is enough to have my attention and then I saw the size: 44mm case diameter (49mm lug center to lug center!), 16.5mm thick and an impossibly huge bezel – I knew I am totally sold. After seeing those numbers, everything else seems irrelevant. Well, not that everything else don’t matter; they do. Just that I am already ogling over it before features like a Seiko automatic movement Cal. NH35 (with hacking function, no less), 24 jewels, 21,600 vibrations per hour and over 41 hours power reserve, come into view. I mean those are great and must-haves for a good timepiece, but still, the crazy size bezel had me enchanted.

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Anywho, its 120-click unidirectional bezel also hides a unique feature: it is interchangeable, a changeable Armor Set System, that allows to change the look of the timepiece as you see fit. So, it kind of scores in the fashion department, well, that’s if dive fashion is your thing.

Heavy Armor Diving Watch by DELTAt

Some of the notables you may want to know before plonking 2,490 Hong Kong dollars (roughly US$320) for a unit include surgical-grade 316L stainless steel case and screw down caseback, illuminated hour, minute hands and indexes, 8.9mm diameter screw-down crown, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, 22mm strap width, and water resistant to 100ATM (1,000m or 3,300 feet) with automatic helium escape valve. Actually, I wish it could be a tad bigger, but I could do with a big-ass bezel (on a watch, not a smartphone or tablet or laptop, though).

Here, take a closer look at this in-your-face diver watch in this product pitch video:

Images courtesy of DELTAt.

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