One way to experience various careers without the relevant qualification is to be an actor. But that isn’t for everyone. However, there is one way that is for everyone: a simulation game. That said, here’s another simulation game. This time, it is targeted at animal lovers.

Animal Trainer Simulator by Games Incubator

From the publisher/developer of Garage Flipper, Car Detailing Simulator, and more, is the Animal Trainer Simulator. Not to be confused with the company’s Animal Shelter from a few years ago, the Animal Trainer Simulator is the next stage of the animal care supply chain, so to speak.

In this game, your job is not just to train the various types of animals. You are tasked to manage the entire animal training center. In addition to training animals like dogs and horses to obey commands and do tricks, you will need to develop the center, including sprucing up the facility by adding furniture, decorating the place, setting up waiting rooms, and of course, planning and creating play and training areas for the animals.

Animal Trainer Simulator by Games Incubator

The Animal Trainer Simulator is a coming soon title on Steam. The game’s publisher/developer Games Incubator expects a demo to be available in 2023. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the game on Steam as well as add it to your Steam wishlist, if so desired.

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Animal Trainer Simulator by Games Incubator

Images: Games Incubator.

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