Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Video Game Is Now Available On Xbox And Nintendo Switch

Xbox and Nintendo Switch loyalists who never bought a gaming PC just to play the Deadliest Catch: The Game, we have good news. Your perseverance has paid off because the game is now available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It can also be played on  Xbox Series X | S too.

Animal Trainer Simulator Lets You Run Your Own Animal Training Center

One way to experience various careers without the relevant qualification is to be an actor. But that isn’t for everyone. However, there is one way that is for everyone: a simulation game. That said, here’s another simulation game. This time, it is targeted at animal lovers.

Dream Of Becoming A Bartender? Well, You Can, Virtually, With The Bartender Simulator

Simulator used to be just about flying and driving, and the associated hardware. But now, it covers all manner of occupations, from becoming a pandemic doctor to mortuary assistant to burglar and drug dealer to even a man-eating shark. If all those occupations do not appeal to you, perhaps a less horrifying and law-abiding (and …

Believe Or Not, Drug Dealer Simulator Video Game Is A Thing

At this point, we shouldn’t surprise what kind of theme simulator video game has to offer. I mean, there’s a thief simulator already, what’s else could be more shocking? Unless it is about pushing drug. Oh, wait. You know what? That’s exactly what PlayWay’s latest hit video game is about.

Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Is Now A PC Game, Coming To Consoles Soon

These days, anything and everything can be made into a simulation game. From playing as Jesus to training to be a burglar to house flipping. The world of video game has it all. Now, even a reality television series like Discovery’s Deadliest Catch has been turned into a simulation game.

I Can’t Believe There Is A Simulator That Lets You Take On The Role Of A Thief

Since after 2000, simulation video games have moved past traditional domains like airplanes, boats, cars, and population management. There are all sort of simulators today, ranging from training to be a doctor to flipping houses to putting yourself in the cloven hoofs of a goat that basically go around head butting unsuspecting people and spoiling …