Pig Skater Simulator PC Video Game

If pigs can fly… well, they can’t. However, in this upcoming PC video game called Pig Skater Simulator, it can skateboard. OK. Actually It can sometimes fly… with a jetpack.

Pig Skater Simulator PC Video Game
The mayhem is reminiscent of the Goat Simulator.

The story goes that a pig escaped a lab and for some reason, it have gained super intelligence and knows how to, ermm, skateboard? Following its escape, it is all-out mayhem, just like the Goat Simulator – except the animal on rampage is a pig and it is in the city.

Pig Skater Simulator PC Video Game
Well, it turns out pigs do fly.

The mayhem was on foot initially, until dear porky pig found a skateboard and then all hell break loose… even more, causing distress to everyday people. With the skateboard under trotters, the game’s protagonist can do flips, spins, ollies and all the wicked (skateboard) stuff. Tell me this isn’t a mash up of Goat Simulator And Tony Hawk Pro Skater, played out by a pig.

Pig Skater Simulator is by Freaky Games studio and PlayWay and it is coming to Steam soon. Though it is not clear exactly when. In the meantime, here’s a very well made game trailer:

Images: PlayWay S.A..