These days, anything and everything can be made into a simulation game. From playing as Jesus to training to be a burglar to house flipping. The world of video game has it all. Now, even a reality television series like Discovery’s Deadliest Catch has been turned into a simulation game.

Discovery’s Deadliest Catch: The Game

I am not a fan, TBH. In fact, I always make the point to give a pass, but if you are a fan, you are totally going love the Deadliest Catch: The Game, developed by Moonlit S.A. and published by fishing game specialist, Ultimate Games S.A..

Here’s what the game is about:

“Enter the dangerous world of king crab fishing in the deadly Bering Sea! Take command of your own fishing vessel, use realistic equipment, combat hazardous Alaskan waters and become the world’s best crab catcher!”

Key features:

  • advanced king crab fishing methods;
  • realistic gameplay;
  • extensive ship and crew management options;
  • dynamic weather system;
  • advanced water physics;
  • ship expansion and improvement possibilities;
  • game based on the popular Discovery Channel series.

The game was released earlier this week and so, if you are interested, you can pick up a digital copy on Steam for $14.99. But if PC gaming isn’t your thing, well then, the good news is, Deadliest Catch: The Game will also be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2020 or Q1 2020.

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Images: Ultimate Games S.A..

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