Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 Video Game: It’s More Than Repairing Bicycles

Most bicycle enthusiasts know how to repair and maintain their pedal-power two-wheelers. Most wouldn’t imagine a full-time bike mechanic for practical reasons but if you do and never had the opportunity, then the Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 video game is for you.

Priest Simulator Video Game Lets You Have A Career As A Priest… As A Vampire

Ever wonder how life is as a vampire and a priest? Well, I don’t know for sure if there are vampires in this world but with the Priest Simulator video game, you’d be able to live a life as a vampire and a priest. Yup. He heard that right. The holy career of a priest …

Electrician Simulator Video Game: A Career As An Electrician Without The Shocks

They say becoming an actor will give you the opportunity to experience many careers in a lifetime. Well, that versatility is not exclusive to actors anymore. Video games, too, can let you do the same too. How? Simulation games, folks. Simulation games.

Here’s A Video Game That Will Let You Build A Career In The Garbage Industry

Joining the bizarre world of simulation games is this upcoming video game, Stinky Company Simulator. Produced and published by Polish company Games Box S.A. (a company of Ultimate Games S.A., the company behind The Deadliest Catch simulation game) and developed by Glob Games Studio, the Stinky Company Simulator lets you make a career in the …

Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Is Now A PC Game, Coming To Consoles Soon

These days, anything and everything can be made into a simulation game. From playing as Jesus to training to be a burglar to house flipping. The world of video game has it all. Now, even a reality television series like Discovery’s Deadliest Catch has been turned into a simulation game.