They say becoming an actor will give you the opportunity to experience many careers in a lifetime. Well, that versatility is not exclusive to actors anymore. Video games, too, can let you do the same too. How? Simulation games, folks. Simulation games.

Electrician Simulator Video Game by Take It Studio!

Simulation games can let you become a tape recovery specialist, a metro operator, a mortician, become an influencer, or even build an empire out of collecting garbage, and more. Now, you can add being an electrician to the list.

Developed by Poland-based independent developer, Take IT Studio!, Electrician Simulator, as it is aptly called, is a video game that lets you make a career as an electrician.

Electrician Simulator Video Game by Take It Studio!

As an electrician, you will start small, from repairing simple electrical items to troubling shooting electrical faults to creating an entire electrical grid from scratch.

Except for starting an electricity grid, some of you are probably capable of doing basic electrical work like repairing home appliances and installing electrical outlets. But anything that deals with electricity has risks – both to you and the property.

Electrician Simulator Video Game by Take It Studio!

A short circuit isn’t a joke. It may cause fire and therefore damage to property and potential loss of lives. So, the Electrician Simulator provides a safe and fun way to experience this specialized career.

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Electrician Simulator is published by Gaming Factory S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. It has recently been launched on Steam for an introductory price of US$14.39 (U.P. US$17.99). The game will also be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, as well as Nintendo Switch in 2023. Keep going for the launch trailer.

Images: Ultimate Games S.A.

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