Simulator. The genre of video games that intrigued us more than any other genres. Here’s another to check out if you are fan of this genre. While not as outlandish as, say, Drug Dealer Simulator, or as tough-in-cheek as the Air Travel Simulator, the Metro Simulator by KishMish Games and UIG Entertainment is equally intriguing.

Metro Simulator Video Game on Consoles

Because, it lets you realize your dream of becoming a subway train operator. Though, we shouldn’t be surprised. Train simulator has been around for ages. This just another transportation/machinery simulator already in the market.

“Take this unique chance to experience Moscow’s subway systems in a whole new way! You control the train just like in real life: Accelerate, brake, open doors, switch cameras, set car functions and many other tasks! Take on the role of a passenger and visit stations, trains and the depot.”

Metro Simulator Video Game on Consoles

Metro Simulator has been on Steam since 2019 (US$24.99). Now, it is now available to consoles too.

Metro Simulator is available now on Nintendo Switch (£17.99), Xbox X|S and Xbox One (US$19.99), as well as PS4 (£15.99).

Images: KishMish Games.

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