If the pandemic is making you miss air travel, well, fret not because, there is a new simulation game that will give you the much needed air travel fix. Called Airplane Mode, this flight simulation where you are NOT the pilot is being developed by Bacronym and published by AMC (yes, the AMC).

AMC Airplane Mode Air Travel Simulator

Airplane Mode is as uninspiring as it sounds. In this simulator game, you are a flying passenger who will be flying, in real-time, on a six-hour commercial airline flight… in economy class, no more.

So brace yourself for all the “perks” that come with flying economy that you almost have forgotten how they were like. And that entails, killing time with inflight entertainment system (no words if Walking Dead will be part of the programs selection), flipping the pages of the inflight magazine (remember turn on the overhead reading light!), consuming snacks and beverages, and also screaming baby. Well, at least you are guaranteed a window seat!

AMC Airplane Mode Air Travel Simulator

Like in a real aircraft, you will be observe the details like carry-on in the overhead compartment, view inflight safety video and more. Also like your long forgotten flying experience, the flight entails taxiing, taking off and landing, and all the things you will experience and encounter onboard a typical long-haul flight (including, but not limited to the aforementioned).

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The game promised that the circumstances of the flight will change every time you play, which means, if luck has it, you will not have put up with crying baby. So, keep your fingers crossed!

This also means it has some form of replayability value. AMC’s Airplane Mode Air Travel Simulator will drop sometime this year (2020) on Steam.

Images: AMC.

Hat tip: Engadget.

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