Meet Boom XB-1, The First Independently Developed Supersonic Aircraft

Four years after Boom Technology revealed its plan to develop a new supersonic jet, the Colorado-based aviation company introduces its first demonstrator, XB-1. Billed as the first independently developed supersonic aircraft, the XB-1 demonstrates the key technologies that will enable safe, efficient and sustainable supersonic travel.

As TU Delft Proposed Bunk Beds For Econ Class, Air NZ May Implement Its Own Patented Solution

The radical KLM Flying-V passenger jet conceived by Delft University of Technology we saw last year has been shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2020 for its innovative economy flat bed concept.

This Handy Tool Measures Your Bag To See If It Meets Airlines’ Standards

One of the woes of traveling with carry-on is not knowing if your carry-on suitcase conforms to the airlines’ regulation. It wasn’t a woe if all airlines share the same standard. Unfortunately, they don’t, but with this new free tool from travel planning website KAYAK, the mystery of whether or not your luggage fits the […]

GoAir Passenger Mistakes Plane’s Exit Door For Restroom’s, Sparked Panic

Just a few days after Jet Airways’ air crew blunder that resulted in several passengers onboard Flight 697 to bleed from the orifices on their head, another India carrier’s passengers had a near miss, but this time, it is not the crew that was involved; it was one passenger. The incident happened on GoAir, a […]

Airline Crew Forgets To Pressurized Cabin, Result In Bloodied Passengers

Well, this is a news that will not help if you are already afraid of flying. The story went that Jet Airways Flight 697’s journey from Mumbai to Jaipur, India, was forced to return to Mumbai 45 minutes after take off when the crew (read: the pilots) failed to pressurized the cabin. A potentially fatal […]

Turkish Airlines The LEGO Movie Safety Video Is, Not Surprisingly, Super Fun

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will not hit the theaters until February 2019, but already, it is drumming up its marketing efforts starting with a collaborative video. Not just any video though; it is an airline safety video made in collaboration with Turkish Airlines. Ha! Already it sounds like a ton of fun! […]

Airbus’ Idea Of Passengers’ Comfort Is Letting Them Sleep In The Cargo Area

Airbus is relentless when it comes to “optimizing use of the available space” and it, apparently, goes beyond the passenger cabin – to the cargo hold area. Yup. That’s right. If Airbus have its way, by 2020, airlines will have passengers in the belly of the flying tin can too. But not to worry, it […]

Boom Supersonic Jet Will Fly From London To New York In 3.4H For $5,000

Since the demise of the world’s fastest commercial jet, Concorde, the world has been looking forward to a fastest way of traveling between continents. However, it is not until recent years that we see companies emerging to take on the challenge with some going to length to propose supercavitation submarine which could enable Shanghai-to-San Francisco […]

Delta Airlines Wants To Make Shuteye On Long Haul Flights Cozier With Flight Loungewear

Sleeping onboard an aircraft is not the most comfortable experience, less you travel First Class. Even that won’t be as awesome as your home’s bed. However, Delta Airlines wants to ease that woe for customers flying long haul in Delta One cabin with a full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access, Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding, […]

Windspeed Technologies Wants To Add Sky View To Aircrafts With Transparent Bubble Tops

Airbus A380 may have changed how we fly, or rather how we enjoy our time in the air, but lets face it, being trapped 30,000 feet in the sky with limited space and only a tiny screen to keep us entertained is not fun. However, if Windspeed Technologies has its way with its SkyDeck proposition, […]