Aerion Supersonic AS2 Business Jet

As per the headline, the Nevada-based aerospace company is shutting down. This comes as shock – specially since two aerospace biggies, Boeing and GE Aviation, were Aerion‘s partners.

Boeing Partners with Supersonic Jet Company

While shocking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. Making aircraft is an expensive business and even more so making one that makes 1,000 mph without sonic booms and silent to travel in.

The news of the company winding up was confined and reported by CNBC and Florida Today. According to CNBC, funding in this current environment proved to be challenging for the young company and hence the decision to shut down.

Apparently, the development cost for the planned AS2 would run up to US$4 billion (!). That’s billion with a ‘b’.

Boeing Partners with Supersonic Jet Company

However, that’s not the end of the private supersonic jet, though. Boom Technology is still in the game. The Colorado-based aerospace outfit had, at last October, revealed the first independently developed supersonic demonstrator, XB-1.

Granted, Boom Technology is not quite a private jet; it is more of a commercial jet. Now, back to Aerion Supersonic… it is worthy to note that the news of the company winding up isn’t posted on the company website at the time of this post.

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Images: Aerion Supersonic.

Source: Engadget.