Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle
Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle | from US$7000.00 |

is this a bicycle or motorcycle? you will be forgiven to think that the M-1 Electric Bicycle from Marrs Electric Cycle Co. is a vintage Harley-Davidson but of course, it isn’t. breaking away from the regular (some say, conservative) design of electric bicycles, which are usually no more than just regular bike stuck with an electric motor and batteries, the M-1 sports a rather radical design that harkens back to the olden day choppers. apart from its standard issue pedal-powered drive train, it is fitted with a three-phase brushless rear hub motor and powered by rechargeable lithium battery packs. when on full motor power, the smallest battery pack of 20 amp hours is said to offer a range of about 32 km (20 miles) and a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph). the 32 km/h top speed is about the maximum it could go in order for it to still fall into the electric bicycle category in State side. the bike is built to order, allowing customers to choose from the available frame colors and wood veneer types. the M-1 Electric Bicycle is handcrafted from 4130 chromoly steel with a mixture of components taken from high-end motorcycle, bicycle, as well as custom-made parts, which explains its hefty asking price of at least $7,000 – a price that is reserve for the serious tree huggers or ebike enthusiasts with eyes for vintage styling – and with lots of cash to spare. join us for a gallery of the M-1 Electric Bike after the break.

Marrs Electric Cycle Co. via Gizmodo via Gizmag

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