While Aerion has shut down, fellow supersonic jet maker Boom Technology is, well, making a lot of progress. Since revealing the plan to make a supersonic jet in 2016, the Colorado-based aerospace company has revealed its first demonstrator, XB-1 and today, it was revealed that United Airlines will be buying up to 50 (!) Overture supersonic jet and fly the fleet on 100% sustainable aviation fuels.

United Airlines Buy Boom Overture Supersonic Jets

The U.S. airline has signed an agreement for Boom Overture airliners, making the first U.S. airline to do so. United Airlines said it expects the supersonic jets to be net-zero carbon while connecting to over 500 cities in nearly half the time. 15 jets will be acquired with an option for an additional 25 aircraft.

The roadmap include rolling out of the Overture in 2025 with the first flights to happen a year later in 2026. 2029 is the target year for the supersonic jet to start carrying passengers.

United Airlines Buy Boom Overture Supersonic Jets

That’s right, people. If everything goes as planned, traveling from across the pond will take mere 3.30 hours as opposed to the current 6:30 hours. And it will be able to do it ferrying anywhere between 65 to 88 passengers, traveling at a top speed of Mach 1.7 at an altitude of 60,000 feet.

The range on 205 feet long Overture is pretty impressive too, capable traveling up to 4,250 nautical miles (4,888 miles or about 7,866 kilometers). Meanwhile, you may learn more about Overture HERE and this milestone for the supersonic company HERE.

United Airlines Buy Boom Overture Supersonic Jets

Images: Boom Technology.

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