Letrons Real-life Transforming Transformers

Good news! Transformers is very real! And the not so good news is, while the transforming BMW coupe, called Letrons, you see here does transform like the movies’ Transformers with sound effect to boot, it can’t walk like bipeds do and it isn’t very much articulated either – saved for the servo-powered rotating wrist, head and moveable fingers, and actuators-powered arms. However, that does not detract its awesome. In Earthly terms, the ability to transform into a robot and still look like a real car that actually drives is in itself an engineering feat.

Granted, the driving is not by a person inside the car; it is achieved remotely via a 10-channel dual-stick remote controller. Perhaps, most impressively, Letrons one up the Transformers toys by not having obvious splitting lines. While it is not mobile in its robot form, it does move like a regular car, complete with real functioning steering that offers 60 degrees of turning and lightings. Though with all the electronics and stuff, we doubt that it can fit anyone inside.

Regardless, this is as close as you can get to a real-life Transformers until Japan’s J-Deite completes it’s rideable, full-size Transformers. Also, the transformation is quite painfully slow, therefore it is definitely not a war robot and can’t defend Earth from the Decepticons. Continue past a couple of images to watch the transformation in action.

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P.S. We don’t think that it is hump-friendly when it is in its car form. Watch closely and you will know what we mean.

Letrons Real-life Transforming Transformers

Letrons Real-life Transforming Transformers

Images: Letrons.

Letrons via The Awesomer